Der Hand-Carved Stamps

Greetings!! My real name is Mitch, but I've been known as...
  "Der Mad Stamper
since the mid-eighties when I became addicted to carving designs into erasers and expressing myself with rubber stamps. I've been stamping 'round the country ever since! Here are a few samples of my work...


I start by creating a simple illustration or simply copying something from public domain clip-art or the comics. I transfer the image onto either a firm red rubber "Pink Pearl" eraser (for detailed, thin-line designs) or a white vinyl "Staedtler-Mars" eraser (for bolder designs with wide lines) and then carve them out with an X-acto knife.

Some of my favorite designs (above) work great for making gift wrap, wall paper, cards, stationary, etc.

I've also carved likenesses of some very ordinary items (right). These are fun for writing cryptic "rebus" messages using pictures instead of words.


Some of my stamps resemble old wood cuts (above).

At left are a few of the stamps I've placed in letterboxes.

Feel free to send your comments to
Der Mad Stamper

To learn more about the technique used to carve these stamps, visit:
"How to Make a Rubber Stamp"

To learn about the stamps I've created for letterboxing, see:
"Der Mad Stamper Letterboxes."

You, too, can join the American Letterboxing movement.

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