Der Letterboxing Links


Join the pioneers of the American Letterboxing frontier!
visit "Letterboxing North America"

A discussion group for newbies:
"New Letterboxers Group Talk List".

The Yahoo! Group dedicated to letterboxing:
"Letterboxing Talk List".

Information, history, and contacts: "".

An alternative database of letterbox clues: "Atlas Quest".

Track and report your hitchhiker:
Wanda and Pete's "Hitchhiker Page"

International letterboxing in the city: "Urban Letterboxing"

Clues and Discussion forums for Letterboxing and Postal Boxing:
"World of Letterboxing".

Meet England's Dartmoor 100 Club at the Official Letterboxing Site.

Clues and information for letterboxes in and around Nebraska:
"Letterboxing Nebraska".

Please, don't confuse Letterboxing with Geocaching!


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