The WHEATHEAD Letterbox, Smith County, Kansas

Planted December 31, 1998, by Der Mad Stamper and Little Foot, this was the first letterbox to be placed in the state of Kansas. It is easily accessible by car from Highway 36.

The Wheathead Letterbox honors the many small town Kansas wheat farmers who endure long hours of summer heat to give us our daily bread. It is located at the Geographic Center of the 48 Conterminous United States, one mile north and one mile west of Lebanon, Kansas.   (39° 49' 41'' N;   -98° 34' 46'' W)


"Welcome to the hub of the Heartland. Come inside and take a moment to give Thanks for the Daily Bread that this Land provides. Before you go, please share a kind word with the folks who've provided this meditational outpost."

UPDATE - August 2, 2012: This historic letterbox was originally hidden at the tiny chapel near the geographical marker. The chapel was completely destroyed (along with the letterbox) a few years ago when a motorist failed to make the turn and crashed into it at high speed.

The chapel was rebuilt last year, and the letterbox has now been replaced and relocated several yards from its original hiding place.

From the current location of the box, the chapel steeple is at 104 degrees (magnetic) and the flagpole is at 60 degrees. There's a double-headed arrow at 254 degrees and transformer #15 is due North.

Please rehide well!

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