Northwest Kansas Lakes Letterbox Series:
#4 - Webster Lake, Rooks County, Kansas

Placed 9/5/1999. This letterbox is located near Webster Lake within the Webster State Park, in historic Rooks County, Kansas.

(Confirmed to be still "alive" by Der Mad Stamper on 12/26/04.)


(rubber stamp carved into white vinyl eraser)

From Hwy 24, take Hwy 258 south across the dam. On your right, about a tenth of a mile past the Pecusa Church Conference Center, are two turn-offs that connect to form a loop. Along this loop, near a triangular intersection, there is a stepped road-cut in a chalk hillside. The letterbox is here, tucked into a vertical crack, nearly midway between two young cedars (a little closer to the small one). Information can be found at 220 (magnetic); the dam is at 370; a cabin at 75.

Der Mad Stamper and Little Foot

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