Where's Der Mad Stamper?
(A Letterboxing Mystery)

Placed somewhere in the Pacific Northwest
on 10/09/04 by Der Mad Stamper

There's no sense trying to out-guess Der Mad Stamper. Just when you think you've figured out where he'll most likely be found, he shows up someplace else, completely unexpected!

BOX 1:

There's been at least one report that Box 1 may be missing. If you wish to verify this, you will have to sift through the rantings of a madman! You poor soul...

BOX 2:

  • 30th and Donovan
  • Follow Trail
  • Choose West
  • Then Choose North
  • Go Over Two Bridges
  • And A Big Fall
  • Look In Triple Trunk
  • Behind Bent Tree

BOX 3:

Assumed to be alive and well, but unverified.

BOX 4:

Verified alive and well, March 2007. 

NOTE: Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.