Northwest Kansas Lakes Letterbox Series:
#2 - Sebelius Lake, Norton County, Kansas

Originally placed: 9/2/1999. Replaced: 1/1/06. This letterbox is located within Prairie Dog State Park, near the historic city of Norton, Kansas. The park features lake access, a growing colony of prairie dogs, a one-room schoolhouse, and a nineteenth century adobe home on its original foundation.


Original Clues:
To find the letterbox, you must first locate a utility pole near a road intersection. From this utility pole, the adobe home and a dump station are both at approximately 150 degrees from magnetic north.
From the utility pole, the letterbox is just seven paces away, at 165 degrees, nestled in the arms of a cedar tree.                         Der Mad Stamper and Little Foot

The original box listed above was confirmed to be missing by Der Mad Stamper on 12/28/04. It was finally replaced and relocated on January 1st, 2006.

Explore the Nature Trail. Be on the lookout for signs of deer and other wildlife. Also be on the lookout for the sign of the deer. When you find it, take 45 paces at 230 degrees and look inside a cedar stump.

Der Mad Stamper and Wildcat

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