Pooch Place Letterbox at Willow Creek
Beaverton, Oregon

Established March 26, 2001 by Der Mad Stamper


Willow Creek Nature Park is in northern Beaverton, about 3/4 mile southeast of Bronson Creek Park. Take NW Cornell Road to SW 173rd Avenue. Go south on 173rd about a half mile until you see tiny Apollo Ridge Park on your right. On the opposite side of the street, a sign marks the trailhead for the "Winthrop Bike Path at Willow Creek Nature Park". This path leads to a series of boardwalks that wind eastward, past a soccer field, to follow Willow Creek all the way to 158th Avenue. Expect to see evidence of a resident beaver, as well as an assortment of songbirds, waterfoul, and other woodland creatures along the way.


Follow the directions below carefully to transform the phrase "Willlow Creek Nature Park" into the clues for the letterbox.
 1. Print the words "Willow Creek Nature Park".  1.  WILLOW CREEK NATURE PARK
 2. Repeat the second word at the end of the phrase, so there are five words.  2.  __________________________________
 3. Move the first two letters to the front of the second word.  3.  __________________________________
 4. Move the last letter of the third word, so that it becomes the second letter of that word.  4.  __________________________________
 5. Add "ING" to the end of the fourth word.  5.  __________________________________
 6. Replace the fourth letter of the fourth word with the letters "TRUE".  6.  __________________________________
 7. Eliminate the repeated letter in the second word.  7.  __________________________________
 8. Change the second vowel of the second word so that it is the same as the first vowel of that word.  8.  __________________________________
 9. Change the seventh letter of the fourth word to the letter that preceeds it alphabetically.  9.  __________________________________
10. Exchange the positions of the seventh and fourteenth letters. 10.  __________________________________
11. Change the tenth letter to an "N". 11.  __________________________________
12. Exchange the positions of the fourth and last letters. 12.  __________________________________
13. Exchange the positions of the second and third letters of the fourth word. 13.  __________________________________
14. Change both the second letter of the first word and the third letter of the fourth word to an "O". 14.  __________________________________
15. Change the eighth letter to an "H". 15.  __________________________________
16. Change the first letter of the last word so that it is the same as the third letter of the second word. 16.  __________________________________
17. Eliminate the fourteenth, fifteenth, and thirty-first letters. 17.  __________________________________


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.