The Portland Community College Letterbox Series
PCC Sylvania Campus, Portland, Oregon


Directions to PCC Sylvania Campus:

Heading South on Interstate 5

1. Take Exit 295 (Capitol Highway)
2. At end of exit, turn right onto Taylor's Ferry Rd.
3. Turn right onto Capitol Highway at four-way stop sign
4. Take Capitol Highway (which becomes SW 49th)
5. Go past five traffic lights to the Sylvania Campus on the right

Heading North on Interstate 5

1. Take Exit 294 (Barbur Blvd.)
2. At end of exit, turn right onto SW 60th
3. Follow 60th around the bend to a stop sign
4. Turn right onto Lesser Rd.
5. Campus entrance is approximately 1/2 mile on the left




East of the Science and Technology building (ST on the map above), there is a flagpole near parking lot P-5. Nearby, you will find a daily permit dispenser which allows you to park for $2 per day. If you are not a PCC student, you will need to buy a daily permit in order to park on campus. Otherwise, you will be ticketed!

From the flagpole, walk 243 paces at 62 to a light pole. Move North 5 paces. PCC Letterbox #1 is 25 paces away, at 90, under the most upright of three tree stumps in a row.


From PCC Letterbox #1, drop back down to the road and start at the light pole. Walk 112 paces at 155. Now turn and go another 83 paces at 200. You should be at a square box. Walk another 225 paces at 225 to another square box. Another 330 paces at 270 should bring you to a pole that usually has a trash can connected to it.

Continue at 220 for 28 paces, then turn and walk 50 paces at 310. Take the path at 290 for 60 paces, then turn and walk 90 paces at 240. Go 45 paces at 280, then 50 paces at approximately 215. Walk 30 paces at 300 before turning to face straight North and continuing another 95 paces. This should bring you within a few paces from an opossum's overpass.

Turning to 270, walk 47 paces. Then go 54 paces at 315. Another 50 paces at 330 should take you to a square made of logs. Walk 20 paces at approximately 270 before turning to 240 for another 50 paces. Here, two trees cross like swords. PCC Letterbox #2 is hidden at the foot of the first of these two trees.


From PCC Letterbox #2, retrace the last two coordinates (i.e.: 50 paces at 60, 20 paces at 90). This should take you back to the square of logs. From here, travel 80 paces at approximately 50, then 47 paces at 80. This should place you on a paved surface. Walk 270 paces at 355, and then 62 paces at 280. You should now be on a sidewalk. Walk 95 paces at 210 to a powerline pole, then 148 paces at 248 to a signpost. 50 paces away, at 285, you should find a pole among several trees. PCC Letterbox #3 is 80 paces further at 332, under a boulder.

Important: Please note that all coordinates and distances are approximate... in fact, this is part of the challenge! The clues presented above are NOT an orienteering trail, but are of a much more casual nature... almost like a pirate's treasure map!

When in wooded areas, please stay on the trail at all times! Compass readings are approximate readings from MAGNETIC North and do not account for minor curves and variations in the trail... just stay on the trail and count your paces.

Distances are measured as approximate paces for an average-sized male, with each footfall counting as a pace. Do to the inaccuracy of this method, references to landmarks are provided along the way to help you guage your progress. In several instances, the path crosses main roadways (sometimes at inconvenient angles) so please be careful and look for traffic!

Der Mad Stamper


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