Marquam Trail to Council Crest
Portland, OR

(Two letterboxes placed on 2/26/2001 by Der Mad Stamper.
Both clues slightly revised as of 9/18/2004.)

The easiest way to the trailhead is by walking a few blocks south from downtown along SW 6th Avenue. By car, take the SW 6th Avenue exit (Exit 1C) from Interstate 405 and follow blue "H" hospital signs until you are southbound on SW 6th Avenue.

When 6th meets Terwilliger Blvd, keep right on Sam Jackson Drive. Note: Tri-Met bus #8 (Jackson Park) stops here. Follow Sam Jackson to a hairpin turn, where a rough gravel drive on your right, labeled Marquam Road, leads to a large shelter at the trailhead.

Follow the broad gravel trail on your right, as it climbs up the canyon. Keep climbing uphill for 1.6 miles, following signs to Council Crest. You will cross 3 paved roads before reaching an unmarked trail junction at the edge of a park lawn. Cross this lawn and another road to the summit of Council Crest.


Marquam Trail Letterbox: Along the upper parts of the trail there are several nice homes, but one house looks particularly "sharp". Directly below, a fallen tree has been bisected to make way for the trail. Just beyond, the path dips into the hollow left by a fallen tree. Eighty paces further, look for a dead stump on your right. The box is 25 paces further in the trunk of an old tree.

Council Crest Letterbox: Sixty-four paces from the center of the compass, find joy at 165°. Another 113 paces at 290° you may sit with God. The box is 46 paces further at 350°.

  NOTE: Always take adequate precautions (such as prodding with a stick and/or wearing gloves) before reaching into dark crevasses and holes in the wild. Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.