Lacamas Creek Letterbox, Camas, WA

Placed 2/25/2001.

Note: Revisited on 10/16/2004. Clues updated to reflect changes in terrain.
Many thanks to TeamWARE for restoring this box!

Located in Lacamas Park, near the Columbia River mill town of Camas, Washington.


Take Interstate 5 or 205 north from Portland. Immediately after crossing the Columbia River, turn right onto Highway 14, continuing east to Camas exit 12.

Follow the exit road about 1-1/2 miles into Camas. From the stop sign, continue driving straight along 6th Avenue for 6 more blocks, turning left on Garfield Street.

Carefully follow "Hwy 500 West" signs for about a mile until you see Lacamas Park on your right, just before crossing the bridge. (If the parking lot is full, cross the bridge and turn right on Leonard Road for an overflow parking area. The C-Tran #33 Camas bus also stops at Leonard Road.)



Follow the lakeside path past picnic areas and playground. Continue through the forest to a big, humming, rotating fish screen device. (Update: the rotating seems to have stopped.) Cross the paved foot bridge just to the right of this device, and then keep right and cross the small Mill Pond dam. (Not the main Round Lake dam to your left).

Now keep to the left and follow the trail that hugs the upper west bank of Lower Lacamas Creek to a lookout directly above Pothole Falls. You may not be able to see the falls from here, but you will hear them!

WARNING: Be VERY careful of your footing in this area! Some serious erosion has taken place and it is no longer safe for small children to take this path unescorted! Please be sure not to walk (or fall) down to the edge of the creek... stay on the upper path that overlooks the gorge below!

At the south end of this lookout (just past the eroded area), look for an old rotting stump that sits next to a tree at the very edge of the cliff.

Continue 8 more paces along the trail to a large bunch of holly on your left. (Look for shiny leaves with prickly edges.) There's a small holly plant 24 paces further on your right.

Eight paces later, a log once crossed the path. You should still be able to see its remains on either side of the trail.

In another 12 paces you will find another small holly plant on your right. Twelve paces further, you will find the letterbox to your left.


Der Mad Stamper

NOTE: Always take adequate precautions (such as prodding with a stick and/or wearing gloves) before reaching into dark crevasses and holes in the wild. Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.