Northwest Kansas Lakes Letterbox Series:
#1 - Kirwin Lake, Phillips County, Kansas

Placed 12/31/1998. This letterbox, in Phillips County, Kansas is accessible by car, or you can make a day hike of the outing by walking through the peaceful and historical lakeside town of Kirwin.

(Confirmed to be still "alive" by Der Mad Stamper on 12/28/04.)



(The original rubber stamp shown here was carved into Pink Pearl erasers. The first official finder of this box was "Iowa" on 10/14/01; however, the stamp had gone missing by then. On 3/14/02, a replacement stamp was furnished by "Funhog".)

The Kirwin Lake Letterbox is at the northwest end of the dam, under a big rock. This was one of my favorite places to play as a child and brought back fond memories when I brought my 3 1/2 year old nephew here to see the geese on the last day of the year. The watertower is at 80 degrees. The Kirwin grain elevator is at 65 degrees. The Kensington grain elevator is at 30 degrees. There is a gate at 45 degrees and a cemetery at 310 degrees.

(NOTE: This is an intentionally difficult find! Some of the landmarks listed are not visible from the box's location!)

Der Mad Stamper and Little Foot

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