Japanese Garden Letterbox
Portland, Oregon

Placed by Der Mad Stamper on May 6, 2001

This letterbox is located near the Japanese Garden in Portland's Washington Park.

CLUES: Just outside the west gate of the Japanese Garden area, about 100 steps west of the cashier's window, you will find an access route to the Wildwood Trail. Follow this route uphill, and turn left onto the Wildwood Trail to discover a bench overlooking the Japanese Garden. Just south of this bench, a narrow trail continues to climb upward. At the top of the hill, turn to the east and follow a faint trail by maintaining a heading of about 100 to 110 degrees, magnetic. This path will lead you down into a draw, upward again past a large fir with its younger sibling, and then down to a very large fir tree. Beyond the large fir, you will pass a slightly smaller fir before coming to a big holly bush with a cluster of maples to the left. Look inside this cluster, under the leaf clutter . There should be a stick poking out of the leaves next to the letterbox.

NOTE: Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.