Golden Spike Letterbox
Promontory, Utah

Placed 10/1/2000
(Utah's first letterbox)

(These clues were updated in June 2006, due to changes in the trail layout. Many thanks to A-Bear, CW Sun Seeker, and Boxer Lover for their assistance with the new clues!)


The Golden Spike National Historic Site commemorates the completion of the transcontinental railroad. When visiting the area, don't miss the Big Fill Hiking Trail. You'll get a first-hand feel for the magnitude of labor required to construct a railroad across this rugged land.


Step One - Fill in the blanks:

  1. The transcontinental railroad was completed on May ___ of 1869.
  2. The replica steam locomotives housed at the Golden Spike National Historic Site are named "Jupiter" and "No. _____".
  3. The "Big Trestle" was constructed by the ___________   ___________ Railroad.
  4. The "Big Trestle" was 400 feet long and ____ feet high.
  5. The "Big Fill" spans 500 feet and is ____ feet deep.
  6. In the spring of 1888, the "Orange Special" wreck occurred while a fruit train was speeding down the treacherously steep _______ Promontory Hill.
  7. Several cars of the "Orange Special" jumped the track and rolled down the _______ side of the embankment, spilling tons of bruised oranges all along the hillside.
  8. Subtract answer #4 from answer #2: _______
  9. Add answer #1 to answer #5: _______

Step Two - The Clues:

The letterbox is located along the (insert answer #3) grade on the Big Fill Trail. Locate the large rock cut that is in between the crossover and the cave. At the (insert answer #6) end of the cut, find paleface on the (insert answer #7) side of the grade. Look for a chip off the old block just (insert answer #8) steps away at (insert answer #9) degrees.


Der Mad Stamper

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