"Evil Genius" Letterbox
Troutdale, Oregon

Another letterbox by Der Mad Stamper
Planted October 19, 2004

UPDATE: Even though DMS is evil in a good way, there are other forces of evil in the world that are far more insidious. This letterbox was burned to death by some childish delinquents who thought it would be funny to set a fire inside the hollow of a living tree! DMS is greatly saddened by this disturbing event.

Wouldn't you know it... I guess some things never change! Der Mad Stamper almost had us believing that he had turned over a new leaf to become a real Saintly fellow. But it's only been one day, and he's already up to his old tricks again! You're not really surprised are you?

It would seem that "His Madness" got bored with being a good guy. Oh, it all started out nice enough... he went out and hid another letterbox, and then drew a pretty little map to help you find it. Then, with an evil grin, he tore the map up into tiny pieces!

Now, he says if you ever want to see this box alive, you're going to have to fit all the pieces back together again! Have you no mercy, Der Mad Stamper?

So, it's all up to you, dear letterboxers. You will help, won't you? We're all depending on you. We've even provided a grid to help you line the pieces up again. Just grab a pencil, print out this page, and carefully draw whatever appears in the corresponding squares below, using the letter-number combinations to put them in the right place. Something tells me that even if you manage to reconstruct the map properly, this is still going to be a tough one to find! Good Luck... you'll need it!


NOTE: Always take adequate precautions (such as prodding with a stick and/or wearing gloves) before reaching into dark crevasses and holes in the wild. Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.