Elk Rock Island Letterbox
Portland, Oregon

Placed by Der Mad Stamper on May 17, 2001

DIRECTIONS: From downtown Portland, follow McLoughlin Boulevard South. Take the River Road exit, drive four blocks, then turn right on Sparrow Street to the corner of 19th Avenue. To find the letterbox, you must explore a small Willamette River peninsula known as Elk Rock Island. Throughout much of the year, you can actually walk out to this island, but if the water level is high, you will need a boat. Good luck!

(Replanted 9/4/04 - Clues updated.)


The Letterbox is at a cottonwood "V"
In a hollow, under wood debris.
Fireside tree fortress at 100 degrees (magnetic).
Green thirteen at 285 degrees.
Toppled dead tree at 340 degrees.

Warning: You may encounter poison oak and wild blackberry brambles with sharp thorns. Jeans, sleeves, and gloves are recommended. If you are not prepared to deal with such obstacles, do not attempt this letterbox.

NOTE: Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.