The CORNHUSKER Letterbox, Lincoln, Nebraska

Placed 9/13/1999. Note: This box has been reported as missing!


The Cornhusker Letterbox was created as a tribute to Nebraska's corn growers. To my knowledge, it was the first letterbox to be placed in the state of Nebraska. It is located in Lincoln in a lovely lakeside park that features spectacular views of the State Capital and Cornhusker Stadium.

(rubber stamp carved into white vinyl eraser)

Look for Oak Lake where Interstate-180 meets the Cornhusker Highway. On its eastern shores you'll find Oak Lake Park, just off Charleston Street near Sun Valley Boulevard.

Begin at a Marker commemorating the magical Mineral that made a City.

Move 220 paces @ 80 magnetic to the Siamese Quintuplets.

150 paces @ 315 to the youngest of 4 Brothers with receding hairlines.

126 paces @ 22 to a Lakeside Rest Stop.

142 paces @ 338 Beyond the Water's Edge.

80 paces @ 350 to the feet of a Shady Character.

Now just 122 paces @ 70 and 20 paces @ 330...

The Letterbox is 3 steps down, underneath, on your left.

Der Mad Stamper (and Little Foot)

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.