Northwest Kansas Lakes Letterbox Series:
#6 - Cedar Bluff Lake, Trego County, Kansas

Placed 9/9/1999. This letterbox is located in Cedar Bluff State Park, in historic Trego County, Kansas.

NOTE: This letterbox was reported missing in 2002. Its absence was officially confirmed by Der Mad Stamper on 12/26/04. The hiding place is no longer usable due to erosion of the limestone bluff, so this letterbox has been permanently retired. (However, it is rumored that there are several other letterboxes in the area!)


(rubber stamp carved into white vinyl eraser)

Use County Road 474 to get to the Scenic Bluff Overlook. From the parking lot, walk southeast out to the far end of the Bluff.

Warning: This is a steep cliff area. Young children should not be left unattended!

Facing southeast at the top of the Bluff, step down five 'stair' steps to the grass. The Letterbox is under the last step.


Der Mad Stamper and Little Foot

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