Marshall Lookout Letterbox
Battle Ground Lake, Washington

This letterbox is located near an equine trail in Washington's Battle Ground Lake State Park. It was placed on the 4th of July, 2000 by Der Mad Stamper.

Rubber stamp carved in pink rubber eraser (at night, near the campfire, by the light of a Coleman lantern).

Take the equine trails (you can get a trail map from the park ranger station) to Marshall Lookout (look for signs). This is a great spot to tie your horse and enjoy the view through the trees to the lake below (bring your camera). Use the clues at the bottom of this page to locate the letterbox...

From the main parking lot, locate and follow the trail that passes by the playground and primitive camp sites #36 through #50. After passing site #50, continue westward past a large tree with drooping branches.

Just beyond this tree, the trail forks. You should choose the climbing trail on your left. Ahead, look for an opening in the trees to your left that provides a scenic view of the lake.

Twenty-two paces further you'll find a plank bench. Beyond the bench 125 paces, look for a pair of "Siamese twin" firs. Here, you should turn right (west) and cut across to the Horse Trail.

There are 3 paths to choose from; take the one to your right (north). Follow the sign to Marshall Lookout. Here you can sit and enjoy the outstanding view (bring your camera). Use the clues below to locate the letterbox...

Starting on the trail behind the bench, walk 45 paces at 25 degrees (magnetic) to the main trail. Turn and take 38 paces at 60 degrees. The letterbox is just left of the trail under a mossy rock.

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