Big Well Letterbox
Greensburg, Kansas

NOTE: This letterbox has been reported as missing!
I have heard from two people who correctly described the original hiding place, but could not find the box.     — DMS

Placed 9/23/2000.

This letterbox is located near the
world's largest hand-dug well,
located in Greensburg, Kansas


Stand on the south side of the well and make a wish. Then turn and walk about 35 paces at 190 degrees (magnetic) to a tower.

Now, proceed (as best you can) another 60 paces at 290 degrees to a landing place.

Another 22 paces at 320 degrees, to a place you'll really dig.

There's room to rest just 45 paces further at 75 degrees.

The letterbox is underfoot just seven paces further at 180 degrees.


Der Mad Stamper (and Little Foot)



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