How to Make a Rubber Stamp
by Der Mad Stamper
You can make your own rubber
stamps by carving up erasers...
First, you'll need a pattern. Find (or draw) a black and white image with wide, bold lines.

It can be anything you like... a cartoon, a symbol, your name... just make sure it's small enough to fit on an eraser.

Use tracing paper and a soft (#2) lead pencil to copy the image.

Fill in the black areas darkly, so as to leave a heavy, shining coat of pencil lead on the paper.

Next, you need an eraser. You can use white vinyl erasers, green rubber erasers, or hard red rubber ("Pink Pearl") erasers.

Some people prefer to carve vinyl ("Staedtler-Mars") erasers because they cut easily and make a clear, bold impression.

However, for thin-line, finely detailed stamps, I prefer the hard red erasers. Experiment and see what works best for you.

If you need bigger stamps, you can buy special carving blocks from a craft supplier.