Now, simply carve away the areas that have NOT been inked.

One of the best tools for the job is an X-acto knife.

Always cut away from the inked areas at an angle so that they become the peaks of little ridges.

Never undercut the inked area!

You might want to experiment with some other carving tools, such as a Speedball cutter,or a set of woodcarver's knives. These can be especially useful in carving out and leveling off the valleys between the inked ridges.

Another nice tool is a sewing needle with its head pushed into the end of a wooden handle. This can be used to prick out very intricate details.

When you have finished the carving, press it onto an inked pad and try it out on a piece of paper.

You may want to make a few touch-up cuts here and there once you've inspected your test prints.

When you're happy with the results, cut away the excess material around the edges of your design.